Engine Combustion Pressure Monitor

SEC engine combustion pressure monitor detects with the pressure sensor which is replaced the  engine cylinder pressure with the change in the natural frequency of the metal strip.

It is possible to monitor visibly by displaying the drawing such as P-Theta or P-V drawing. It is also possible to measure all the cylinder simultaneously and constantly and can be monitored by every cylinder and every hours. 

System configuration of Engine Combustion Pressure Monitor

 SEC pressure monitor presents two type of configuration. 

One is that all cylinder are equipped with a pressure sensor that can operate continuously, measuring the internal pressure of the all cylinders simultaneously.

Another is that to measure each cylinder sequentially with a single pressure sensor.

SEC system consists of a combustion pressure sensor mounted on the indicator valve of each cylinder, 

a local unit (SE409) near the engine and a main monitor (SE203C/S) located in the engine control room.

<All cylinder measurement system composition>

<Configuration of individual cylinder measurement type >

The cylinder number is specified by the wireless remote controller at hand, and the order is measured. The distance between the local unit and the remote control can be up to 40m.

The following system configuration is an example of connecting a local unit and a PC directly without using the main monitor SE203C/S.