Company policy

Since its establishment in 1976, SHOYO ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Has been a professional manufacturer of measuring instruments for ships.

From the beginning, we have been working on the development and manufacture of shaft horsepower meters, and have been working hard to deliver products with excellent accuracy and durability to customers at reasonable prices.

The shaft horsepower meter is used in many ships because of the confidence of our customers and it still remains our mainstay.

As the environmental regulations in the marine industry, including global warming countermeasures, are becoming stricter, marine equipment is also required to have functions that contribute to environmental countermeasures. Among them, the role of measuring and monitoring equipment including shaft horsepower meter is very important, and its importance is also increasing in the international standard ISO.

Going forward, as a specialized manufacturer of measurement equipment, we will constantly pursue measurement accuracy and safety, and will continue to strive to provide products that satisfy our customers.