Shaft Horsepower Meter

Data Processing Display unit

SE207CN (7 inches LCD Touch Panel)

Integrated with Fuel data, Performance data and others.

versatility improved to connect with external devices

w310 x H136 x D343 (mm) /6.8kg
w310 x H136 x D343 (mm) /6.8kg


・Improved oper ability with touch panel

・Output signal type selec table from analog, RS422/485

・Equipped with external input /output ports (8 analog channels, 8 serial ports)

・Operating point displayed on ship characteristic curve (cubic curve)

・Twin shafts measurable

・Available to integrate with fuel-related data

・Available to link with Ship Performance Monitor


Display Items※example for the case of M/E fuel related signal input

Propulsion data






Fuel related data

・M/E Fuel Flow(ltr/h)

・M/E Fuel Consumption(kg/h)

・M/E Fuel Temerature(℃)


Perfomance data


・Overall ship performance(kg/nm)

・Hydrodynamic Performance(m/kWh)

・Ship Speed(knot)


Propulsion screen
Propulsion screen
FO related screen
FO related screen

Configuration example