Shaft Thrust Load Meter

Separate type


The detector rings of the shaft horsepower meter and thrust load meter are mounted separately.

The thrust detector ring is attached to the intermediate shaft with a span of 380 mm, and the thrust sensor is fixed to the mounting arm integrated with each ring. The transmission and power supply of the sensor signal uses the transmission unit and power supply unit of the shaft horsepower detector ring.

Changes in the sensor frequency during one rotation due to shaft bending are accumulated every 10 seconds, so they are completely averaged during main engine operation. Changes in sensor frequency due to centrifugal force can be completely ignored within the maximum speed range of ordinary ships because the diaphragm is mounted perpendicular to the axis tangent. However, a balancer with the same mass can be mounted on the opposite side of the mounting arm across the ring to prevent the sensor mounting arm from falling inward due to centrifugal force.

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