Shaft Horsepower Meter

Data processing Display unit

Ship Performance Monitor

The shaft horsepower meter and shaft thrust load meter data and various operation data are integrated and managed collectively.

The SEC has a data processing unit SE901h that does not have a display monitor, and a PC monitor is used for all data display. PC dedicated software that can log and analyze the performance data is installed.

Among our display unit, SE203C has the same function.

<SEC Shaft Horsepower Meter signal>

□ SHP  □ Shaft Thrust Load

□ RPM    □ Torqeu

<Input signal from external devices>

1) Modbus:FO flow, FO temp, FG Flow, G/E output

2) NMEA:Wind direction/speed, Draft, GPS,              Ruddre Angle 

3) Pulse:Ship speed

<Output signal to external devices>

1] To IAS by Modbus

2] To PC by RS232C or RS422

Install the dedicated software on the PC and connect it to the data processing unit with a USB converter cable. Data is sent from the data processing unit every 5 seconds. A single file is saved in CSV file format from the start to the end of measurement, and a folder is created for each date. 

It is possible to output Daily Report and Noon Report for 24 hours from any specified time.

【System Requirement】

OS:Windows 10/8.1 / 7

       (Japanese or English version)

Memory: 2GB (64 bit)  1GB (32bit) or more

Hard Disk: 400MB or more