Shaft Horsepower Meter

Data Processing Display unit

【NEW】SE207CN (7 inches LCD Touch Panel)

Integrated with Fuel data, Performance data and others.

versatility improved to connect with external devices

w310 x H136 x D343 (mm) /6.0kg
w310 x H136 x D343 (mm) /6.0kg


Display item

・Shaft Horsepower / Shaft Speed / Torque / Shaft Thrust Load(Option)

     Switchable to the following screen

     5 sec Instant → Auto Average → Manual Average

   ※Auto Average = 1~1500min(by minutes)

   ※Manual Average = Max. 90days(by Start/Stop key)

・FO related data (FOC1 <ltr/h>, FOC2 <kg/h>, SFOC <g/kWh>, FO temp <℃>, 

   Overall Ship performance <kg/nm>, Hydrodynamic Performance <nm/hWh>,


・Ship data (GPS, Ship Speed by log, Draft, Rudder, Wind Speed/Direction, etc)

・Accumulated data (Accm. SHP, Accm. RPM, Accm FOC, etc)

・Sensor data (Hz/Hz^2)

・Performance curve with indicating operating point

Output / 

Serial communication

・Analog output(DC4-20mA)  12 channels (Interval: 0.1/1/5sec selectable)

・Serial Communication: RS422 8 port (Standard: binary format)

                                                        (Option: NMEA/RS485)    

Power supply AC100V or 220V  Single power supply
Brightness adjust
Power switch front