Shaft horsepower meter

Data Processing Display unit

SE102EV(Threefold LED 4 digits)

Addition of the function of

Load rate and  Shaft stress displacement

W138 x H168 x D262 (mm) / 2.8kg
W138 x H168 x D262 (mm) / 2.8kg


Display item

Upper:Shaft Horsepower  5 sec. average <constant>

Middle:Shaft Speed  5 sec. average <switch>
      Torque   5 sec. average  <switch>

            Shaft Horsepower  Auto average <switch>

Lower:  Load rate / ΔStress <switch>

Sensor Frequency Upper:CH1 Middle:CH2

Output (standard) Analog output(DC4-20mA)  4 channels
Output (optional)

Analog output 5 sec. average(DC4-20mA)  3 channels or

Analog output 1Hz or over  average(DC4-20mA)  3 channels

Serial output(RS232C/RS422)

Power supply AC100V or 220V  Multi power supply
Numeric key  -
Dimmer switch  〇
Power switch front